Babu-Style Of Graphic Magic Backfired

  • Controversy in
    the issue of design
  • Criticism in
    social media about imitation
  • The Government
    in rethinking

Hyderabad:The Government
of Andhra Pradesh state is now rethinking about the designs provided by the
companies of Japan for the state’s capital city. Criticism is mounting in the
social media regarding the designs provided by the international level
architects. The pompous scene created by Chandrababu and his Government about
the greatness of the designs seems to have gone waste. It is a word of the
mouth that the Government may get ready to even change the design all over

A great
attempt gone waste

Chand5rababu’s Government selected London,
India and Japan for the design of the AP state capital’s administrative
buildings. It was suggested that the constructions of the Legislative Assembly
and the High Court should be iconic in design. A jury was appointed in the
supervision of Christopher Benninger with national and international architects
to select one from the designs proposed by the architectural companies. The
design proposed by Maki Associates of Japan was thus selected, after a high
expenditure of crores of rupees.


Some people are criticizing the designs
proposed by Japan for Legislative assembly and High Court to resemble smoke
outlets of factories rather than Government administrative buildings. Comments
also were out stating that the design looked like the building of Chandigarh’s
assembly, so it was in no way novel. So higher officials started to discuss if
the iconic buildings’ design needed to be changed or the design of the 900-acre
administrative area needed to be changed. After spending almost 4-5 months of
time and crores of rupees of money, criticism is seeing light, proving the
Government’s faulty planning yet again.

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