Babu Has Proven His Hatred For Them Again

Hyderabad: Chandrababu has proven again that he is not a big fan of downtrodden castes. He is all excited to shut down the welfare hostels of the shildren of the communities. A total of 310 hostels are in the verge of being shut down with just a stroke of his pen. These hostels have been playing a crucial role in the education of the children of many poor families since a long time. Children of ST, SC and BC communities have had separate hostels in many areas. The children used to stay in a hostel close to their house and meet their families once in a while. Now the Government has estimated that the expenditure on downtrodden castes has been too high. It has decided to shut them down in the name of rationalisation.
Action has been taken so that hostels are only in far off areas. With the shut down of 310 hostels, education of 7,100 students has become a question. The jobs of contract employees working at these hostels also are at stake as a result of the shut down. Thousands of employees belonging to downtrodden castes are going to hit the road. It has again been proven that Chandrababu's rule is causing mre loss of jobs than increasing employment opportunities as promised.

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