Are you ready to disclose accounts..!

It seems like the Government is not ready to disclose the expenses incurred on foundation ceremony. The MLA’s & MP’s are trying to tell something and escape. So, the opposition leaders were asking to publish a ‘white paper’ but there is no response from the government.

Least to least the foundation ceremony expenses would have crossed Rs.400 crores by just looking at the scale of the arrangements done we must believe it.

Travel Expenses…199 Crores

Guests were invited from across the country and foreign countries. The expenses incurred on their visit is inevitably falling on the head of the public. Flight tickets were booked for their travel to Hyderabad Airport and from there 10 special chartered flights were hired to bring them to Gannavaram Airport. From Gannavaram Airport 15 helicopters were hired to transport these guests to the Capital foundation site. On top of this, 3000 cars, 2000 buses and 500 special vehicles were used.

For Lodging & Boarding…78 Crores

For all these dignitaries star hotel accommodations were booked. The State Ministers, Senior Officers, High Rank Police Officers, Senior MLA’s have stayed in star hotels in Vijayawada and Guntur from past one month in the name of foundation ceremony. It is needless to say that all these expenses are borne by the government.

The Foundation Site, Stage…8 to 10 Crores

Hundreds of acres have been taken into custody for setting up foundation field. Several grand platforms were erected that outdid cinema settings. For this hype crores of rupees just vanished away!

Cultural Programs & Awareness…10 Crores

From sometime before the ceremony announcements & publicity in the capital region surroundings has been done. And on the day of the event cinema & TV actors have performed cultural programs. For all this 10 crores were spent.

For laying roads…110 Crores

To reach the Foundation site three different routes were planned and the metal roads were built on priority. For this an estimated 110 crores was spent.

 For TV, News Paper publicity..30 Crores

It is needless to highlight about Chnadrababu’s fondness on publicity. And this foundation ceremony is being done for the main reason to publicize. So, for newspapers & TV channels a huge 30 crores was extravagantly thrown away.

For Police Department..10 Crores

From the past 2 months all the Government authorities were shuttling around Guntur & Vijayawada. And all the ministers & MLA’s have settled in these two cities. So, for their protection, safety & traffic regulation police personnel from all over the state have been deployed in these two cities, which costed approximately Rs.10 Crores.

Overall the Chandrababu’s crazy publicity stunt has costed the public massively…Rs.400 Crores. There is no response from the government when the opposition parties are demanding to release a ‘white paper’ on the foundation ceremony expenses.

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