Amma Hastam’s hollowness exposed!

 Womenfolk of Krishnapuram showing  to Smt. Y.S. Sharmila the sub-standard groceries purchased from ration shops under the Amma Hastam scheme on Wednesday

Visakhapatnam, June 26,
2013: The hypocrisy over the Government’s trumpeting on, and the hollowness of,
the Amma Hastam scheme was exposed
lock, stock and barrel when the villagers of Krishnapuram in Narsipatnam
assembly constituency of Visakhapatnam district complained to Smt. Y.S.
Sharmila that they are getting sub-standard groceries from fair price shops
under the scheme.

When Smt. Sharmila
began her Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra from Krishnapuram this morning, local
womenfolk met her carrying the substandard groceries purchased from the ration
shops and poured out their woes.

The women opened the
packets of turmeric, chilli powder, rice and other items and complained that
the Government has been supplying groceries of very poor quality through the Amma Hastam scheme.

“They are charging
Rs.185 per a pack of nine items but not even a single item is of good quality,”
the women told Smt. Sharmila, showing the groceries of the poor quality.

“This only exposes the
hollowness of the Amma Hastam scheme
which was introduced by the Government in the election year,” she said, adding
that the scheme is a complete sham.


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