YSRCP will continue fight against power charges

Press Release

Hyderabad, April 7, 2013: YSR Congress has said that the Party has withdrawn the indefinite strike but will continue its agitation against the hike in power charges and other anti-people policies of the state government.

“We will continue our fight against this irresponsible government through praja ballot and state wide band on April 9 and highlight its failure in tackling the power crisis issue,” party senior leader Konathala Ramakrishna told reporters here on Sunday.

Our Party Honorary President YS Vijayamma and other leaders had given up their six-day fast this morning with a vow to continue the struggle in different forms, he said.

The Kiran Kumar Reddy government has been arrogant and is not considerate towards people’s issues. The manner in which the state is trying to project the paltry revision of power charges it has made shows that it lacks grasp on people’s issues.

“If the head of the government is of people’s choice the way issues are handled will be different unlike the present chief minister who is nominated. His concern is only to please Delhi bosses and shuttle between Delhi and the state capital. The priorities are different and people’s issues are not high on the agenda,’ he said.

Though we have withdrawn the indefinite fast on the sixth day, we will continue to fight against the policies of the government and chalk out programmes of agitation demanding roll back of hiked power charges among other things, he said. 

The revision of power charges is very meager while the burden on the consumers is still very high and there is need to address this problem. The state and centre should concentrate on increasing the power supply instead of taking up a defeatist attitude.

The state government which should have been showing humility for its inability to address the problems is full of arrogance and the Kiran Kumar government will be paying a heavy price in the people’s court, he said.

TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu, on the other hand, is maintaining double standards. The present Congress government seems to be an extension of Naidu’s nine-year term which has driven farmers, weavers and other poorer sections to suicides.

Naidu has demolished the structure of power sector with his ambitious privatisation plans and this government has no control over the power sector and consumers are bearing the brunt with farmers not getting power in time and crops getting damaged and industries being closed down rendering many workers jobless.

YSRCP will continue its fight against the anti-people policies of the government, he said.   

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