YSRCP opposes hike in power tariff

Press Release

Hyderabad, January 5: Strongly opposing the State Government’s move to further increase the power charges, YSR Congress has said that it will go to the people to mount pressure on reversing any such move.

“The government proposal to increase the power charges to net Rs 10,000 Cr is being sent to the State Power Regulatory Commission and when the matter comes up for public hearing we will sternly oppose the move and toe the agitation path,” the party spokesperson Janak Prasad told reporters here on Saturday.

The Kiran Kumar Reddy government has already burdened the consumer with Rs 17,000 Cr during 2012-13 and it has sent a proposal to mop up Rs 10,000 Cr during 2013-14 which speaks of the indifference the state has towards people, he said.

YSR did not hike power charges since 2004 and has promised that there would be no hike till 2009, but after his death the Congress government has increased the charges and in an unprecedented move has started collecting the arrears in the form of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA), he said.

 “Now it has sent the proposal to hike power charges again and the Regulatory Commission, despite being autonomous, has been acting as per the directions of the State Government. When the issue comes up for public hearing we will oppose it, “he said.

The Government has been trying to cover up its inefficiency by passing on the burden to consumers instead of taking steps to increase the production and convincing the Centre to increase its share of gas allotment, he said.

With severe power cuts, industries are being closed down and many people are rendered jobless and the steep hike in power charges is been affecting cottage industries as well besides farmers and students.

All sectors, domestic, industrial, agriculture and cottage industries are badly affected. With the main opposition TDP opting to side with Congress, YSR Congress as a responsible opposition party, will take up agitation on the power charges issue, he added. 

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