YSRCP demands probe into CBN's tryst with legal system

Hyderabad, June 5: YSR Congress Party on Tuesday said the sanity levels of Congress leaders have been shrinking with YS Vijaymma drawing huge crowds and they were issuing incoherent and diabolical speeches, all stemming out of frustration and fear of defeat in the June 12 by-polls.

“Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad statements have been sickening and his  manipulative tactics and oratory skills failed to match as he tried to take back his words and blame the media and translators for the faux pas,” party spokesperson Jupudi Prabhakar Rao told reporters here.

While addressing poorly attended public meetings at Nellore, Ongole and Tirupati, Azad said that YS Jaganmohan Reddy would have become union minister and later chief minister had he been with Congress and the statement had stirred the hornet’s nest as it tantamount to admitting that those who leave Congress will be harassed, he said.

Taking a reverse turn, Azad later said that he was misinterpreted but facts are on record and in the age of digital imagery things will not be easy to take back. Azad who has been advocating that YSR only implemented Congress schemes should also answer as to why other Congress ruled states were not implementing Aarogyasri, fee reimbursement and other YSR pet schemes, he said.

Unable to bear to the poor response to their meetings and the swelling crowds to YS Vijaymma, Azad along with PCC Chief Botsa Satyanarayana, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and turncoat Chiranjeevi have been speaking in an incoherent and illogical manner, he said.

While the state in-charge Azad was busy eating his own words, the Chief Minister has turned an attorney quoting sections under which YS Jagan was booked and started speaking anything but not the governance in the state and the developmental activity he had taken up.

Bostsa Satyanarayana has stooped to a new low in public speaking by casting aspersions on YS family members when they raised doubts about the helicopter crash. The person who was in the thick of liquor scam has no moral right to speak on such sensitive issues.  YS Vijayamma has every right to express her feelings and Botsa has neither the authority nor the knowledge to speak on such a delicate subject and his only concern is to please the Congress high command in the Jagan bashing programme, he said.

“We are ready for an open debate on the growth of assets of politicians after their entry into public life and if Botsa and other political leaders are prepared there can be a discussion, “he said.

Chiranjeevi, a rank opportunist, has no right to speak on corruption. “If that has to be considered, he should first say where the Rs 39 crores found in his daughter’s bedroom in Chennai had come from. Though IT and other officials searched YS Jagan’s house and evaluated right from the mug in a toilet, nothing illegal was found, “Jupudi said.  

State Congress should first make it clear whether or not the 26 GOs issued form part of collective responsibility of the cabinet. The investigation should have begun from there if it was done in the right earnest but the blame was shifted to YS Jaganmohan Reddy as the Congress leaders are shirking responsibility, he said.

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