VasiReddy -Apr13,2012

Taking strong objection to the State Government withdrawing CB-CID inquiry into Spectrum Power Generation Limited (SPGL) case in a bid to shield N. Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress Party on Friday said it will go to the people highlighting the issue and explore legal options to challenge the government decision.
The State is prepared to pay a compensation of Rs 2 crore per month through TRANSCO to the gas-based SPGL as per the 17-year PPA signed by TDP in 1997. On one hand it has hiked the power charges and on the other it has stalled the CB-CID inquiry only to shield Chandrababu Naidu,” YSRC Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here.
“The ruling party coming to the rescue to Leader of Opposition, N Chandrababu Naidu has once again come to the fore as the government has asked the CID to withdraw the probe into the irregularities in the gas-based Spectrum project. We will take this issue to the people in a big way and also explore legal options as public money of Rs 2 crores is being paid as compensation,” she said.
TRANSCO has so far paid nearly Rs 300 crores to Spectrum.
The main allegation in the Spectrum case was that it has inflated the capital expenditure cost and YSR has ordered a probe into the allegations in 2004. Enforcement Directorate(ED) also had inquired into the alleged kickbacks case involving a British company, she said.  
Kiran Kumar Reddy government asking the CID to withdraw the probe clearly speaks of the match-fixing by the State and Opposition parties. Since the Chandrababu Naidu has signed the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the company for 17 years, TRANSCO has been paying Rs 2 crores monthly.
The government has put a burden of Rs 4,500 crores on the people by increasing power tariff while it has given a reprieve to Chanradababu Naidu.
We will be taking up this issue to the people and fight a legal battle, she said.

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