Sharmila rekindles people’s confidence: YSRCP

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Sharmila rekindles people’s confidence: YSRCP

Hyderabad, Oct
27, 2012: YSR Congress Party President Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister
Sharmila’s Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra has multiplied the confidence of the
people in the party and the leadership of Jagan, besides enhancing the
self-confidence of the people. 

Revealing this
at a media conference at the party headquarters here on Saturday, Tirupati
YSRCP MLA Bhumana Karunakara Reddy said Sharmila has completed ten days of her
Maro Praja Prasthanam walking a distance of 137 km and covering 38 villages and
two municipalities in YSR and Anantapuram districts as of today. 

He said till now
six lakh people have participated in Sharmila’s Padayatra with two lakhs of
them attending the flagging off ceremony at Idupulapaya on Oct 18. “Even in
Dharmavaram, more than 40,000 people turned up voluntarily to welcome Sharmila
and Vijayamma on Friday and this indicates that people are showing their
renewed confidence on the YSRCP and leadership of Jagan,” he said. 

Sharmila’s Padayatra as a historical necessity, he said Maro Praja Prasthanam
will continue uninterrupted till it reaches    Ichchapuram.
“YSR’s Padayatra in 2003 is now part of history. Sharmila’s Maro Praja
Prasthanam will make another history and be remembered forever,” Karunakara
Reddy remarked. 

He reiterated
that Sharmila’s Padayatra is aimed at exposing the conspiracy of TDP and
Congress against Jagan. “Their efforts to incapacitate Jagan politically and
his leadership will come to naught as people are regaining their self
confidence through Sharmila’s Padayatra,” he said, adding that TDP Chief
Chandrababu Naidu is not doing anything to topple the anti-people Government in
the state.

 Karunakara Reddy
said people have no faith in the leadership and Padayatra of Naidu as they
believe that only YSR family members can do Padayatras and Jagan only can solve
their problems.

 “For this reason
only, people in good numbers are following Sharmila’s Padayatra,” he said and
added that people never hesitate to follow leaders who worked for their
welfare. “Sharmila’s Padayatra has proved this.” 

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