Make ACB report on Liquor Syndicate public YSCP -Feb21,2012

Party spokesperson Janak Prasad reiterated that the ACB report on liquor syndicate should be made public and a probe should be ordered by a sitting judge as 20 ministers and 40 MLAs were involved in the mafia. 
In wake of the Myalavam tragedy, action was taken only on lower-rung officers while the big fish is still at large, he said adding that the Chief Minister, who has promised good governance and transparency, has been working on a single-point agenda of safeguarding his own seat. 
Though there is drought in 800 mandals, no measures have been taken to mitigate the problems of farmers and the poor while permission was given to produce 1.5 crore litres of liquor, Janka Prasad along with KolliNirmalaKumari, Convener of State Mahila unit of the party said. 
Instead of providing drinking water, the government has been enabling the flow of liquor and the Chief Minster justifies the decision on the law of demand and supply, they said adding that the revenue has doubled for Rs 5,000 crores in YSR terms to Rs 10,000 crores now.
The callous attitude of government will spell doom for Congress in the coming elections and they will be taught a fitting lesson, they added.

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