Konathala -Apr7,2012

YSR Congress Party on Saturday expressed confidence that it will win with flying colours in the ensuing by-elections as it is going ahead with clear cut policies unlike TDP and ruling Congress which are resorting to negative tactics.
“TDP and Congress, struggling with internal squabbles in their respective parties, are having a single-point formula of heaping negative propaganda by abusing YSR and his family members instead of specifying their policies on various burning issues,” the party leaders Konatala Ramakrishna and Bajireddy Govardhan told reporters here.
YSRC will win all the 18 assembly and Nellore Lok Sabha elections as we are going ahead with clear cut policies that we will implement all the schemes of YSR, which were pushed back by the State Government and heckled at by TDP earlier, they said.
The Kovur result will repeat in all the ensuing by-polls. N Chandrababu Naidu is frustrated as the internal squabbles in the party besides his inconsistency on the party stand on various issues are confusing and sending contradicting signals, they said adding that people are not in a position to believe people.
A negative campaign has been unleashed by TDP and Congress that land allotments were done by YSR which is against the normal procedures.
Posing as a champion of poor Chandrababu Naidu has been exhibiting bravado by saying that all the lands illegally allotted would be occupied by pitching party flags. “Well Chandrababu Naidu can start pitching flags from the lands allotted to Emaar, Raheja, Shamshabad Airport, Ramoji Rao and others to prove his sincerity,” they said.
CESS (Centre for Economic and Social Studies) has given a report on Chandrababu Naidu’s governance including land allotments which should also be taken into consideration.  The TDP leader has never been consistent on any single policy be it agriculture, industry or power. He has changed stances on many counts and the IT industry in the State which was in the third or fourth place fell to sixth or seventh place during TDP rule. On the agriculture front, the production increased to 2.30 lakh tonnes during YSR term when compared to 1.30 lakh tonnes during the earlier period.
People are willing to have such strong a government with clear-cut policies and only YSRC can provide it, they said. Taking strong objection to the remark of PCC President Botsa Satyanarayana on the wife of party leader Krishna Das, Bajireddy said that an apology should be tendered to the women of the State for passing such derogatory remark.

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