Jagan to launch indefinite fast for united AP

Press Release

Hyderabad, Oct 4, 2013: Protesting against the arbitrary move of splitting the State,YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would undertake an indefinite fast demanding the Centre to revoke its decision and a Party delegation would leave for Delhi to garner support to his fight against the gross injustice.

 “I will begin an indefinite fast demanding the Centre to rollback its decision of dividing the state and request all leaders, cutting across the party lines, to join the fight against UPA arbitrary decision of setting aside all established norms of a mandatory assembly resolution,’ Jagan Mohan Reddy told reporters here on Friday.

 A delegation of our party will leave for Delhi and meet floor leaders of all political parties to stand up and fight against the injustice being done to this state as such arbitrary decisions can recur in any part of the country and there is need to bring in a constitutional amendment to make the consent of the assembly a must before bifurcating any State.

 We will also meet the President and appraise him of the injustice done and the consequences that would arise out the division and how development in the State would be adversely affected, he said.

 “The Centre has hoodwinked all the good democratic practices and has gone ahead with its agenda of dividing the state for the sake of a few votes and seats and has taken the people for granted.

 When assembly consent was taken before carving separate states from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, the practice was given a go by when it came to Andhra Pradesh and intentionally opted to ignore it for political reasons.

Our fight is against this attitude and the injustice stemming out of it and I request all political parties to stand up and fight this wave of thought or else the future generations will suffer if we do not resist this arbitrary and authoritarian behaviour of the Government here itself,” he said.

Unless such irrational decisions are stopped right now, there would be more in the days to come and I appeal to leaders of all parties to join the fight against this adamant and undemocratic approach of the Centre.  

How can a Group of Ministers (GoM) come out with solutions to contentious issues like water sharing, new capital, revenue sharing and the like in six months? This is sheer arrogance of the ruling Party with the message that we do what we want to do, come what may.

Despite the Tribunal, Courts and Accords, water sharing has always been an issue of disputes. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are fighting it out since long over Cauvery waters. Krishna water sharing has been flowing in to our state after the needs of Maharashtra and Karnataka are fulfilled.

If another state comes in between where will Srisailam and Nagarjunsagar get water from? Farmers in the Krishna ayacut which also includes, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda and Khammam districts will be fight it out on the streets for water.

How can a capital city like Hyderabad be built in 10 years when it took 60 years to develop the present state capital. There would be other issues which could not be answered and asking the GoM to complete the process in six weeks is to just wash the hands off and the Centre is keen on division for political reasons.

“I will undertake indefinite fast from Saturday demanding the Centre to roll back its decision on the division of the State and the nation should stand up against this injustice as the same can happen anywhere.

While YSRCP, CPI(M) and MIM are in support of a united state five parties are on the other side. I request TDP and other parties to join the fight against the bifurcation in the better interests of the future generations. Different Party flags can come together in this fight for a united State, “he said.  The dharnas and other agitation progammes in the districts will continue, he added.

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