Fight on Behalf of The Farmers

  • Lame
    excuses to grant insurance money to the farmers
  • Rejection
    citing technical reasons
  • Farmers’
    protest in front of the insurance company
  • YS
    Jagan extends his solidarity

  • Hyderabad: 

    YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan announced his
    support to the farmers fighting for their crop insurance. He extended his
    support to those farmers who had not received the insurance money they
    rightfully deserved pertaining to the financial year 2012-13 and now resorted
    to direct fight. The farmers of YSR district started to protest in front of the
    insurance companies in Hyderabad. The insurance office was full with the huge
    number of protesting farmers. YS Jagan reached the place in their support and
    spoke to the officials in their defense. He saw that the farmers were given
    assurance by the officials.

    YS Jagan informed that
    55,000 farmers had applied for insurance in the financial 2012-13. He added
    that 29,000 of them had been granted insurance but the other 26,000 had
    received nothing. From the sanctioned Rs.135 crore, only Rs.105 crore had
    reached the farmers while the rest of the money was still pending. Upon asking
    why the rest of the farmers had not received the amount they deserved, the
    officials were giving lame excuses like lack of proper information in the
    application forms, stated YS Jagan. He questioned why the insurance company could
    not gather the missing details in the last three years when it was a matter of
    2-3 months and why they were citing this reason now.

    YS Jagan stated that he had
    already mentioned the agony of the farmers in the assembly. He requested the
    officials of the insurance companies to stand for the poor farmers. He arranged
    for the officials to directly talk to the farmers. The officials stated that
    they had received the applications from the agriculture department in the past
    and hence this problem rose. They promised that they would work for taking a
    decision for the alleviation of this issue soon. YS Jagan demanded a solution
    within the time limit of a month. The farmers expressed their gratitude to YS
    Jagan for standing by their side.

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