Convene assembly session on power crisis: YSRCP: Aug 23, 2012

Hyderabad, August 23: YSRCP has demanded the State Government to convene a special assembly session to discuss the unprecedented power crisis that has been affecting all sectors and reiterated that it will extend support if the main opposition moves a no-confidence motion.

“The Government has totally failed to contain the power crisis and has shown no inclination to address the pressing problem. We demand that the assembly should be convened to have a meaningful discussion in wake of the acute shortage on one hand and the reports of uninterrupted power supply to a select few,” Party CGC member, Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Thursday.

There was laxity on part of the Government in assessing the situation, it was found wanting in planning and had shown no will to resolve the crisis which is affecting industrialists, farmers, students and other sections of the society.

TDP failed to play its role of a constructive opposition party as it did not highlight the issue nor did it suggest any corrective measures. It should also join us in demanding a discussion in the state assembly and move a no-confidence motion to which we will extend our support as the State has failed on all fronts, he said.

In wake of the allegations that power is being supplied to a select few without any interruption, we demand that the State should publish a white paper on the on the load relief data and the readings of Meter Recording Instrument (MRI) to establish the actual distribution of power through DISCOMs. MRI data is tamper-proof and the real names will come out, he said.

There are allegations that some parties close to a cabinet minister were getting power supply in full flow while farmers, students and industrialists are bearing the brunt by getting power for just 2 to 3 hours, he said.

The white paper with the data would help to nail the persons or organisations that were shown undue favour by the State, he said.

When the State is plunged into darkness and gap between demand and supply is widening, the Congress Government has neither appointed a Minister nor did it convene any review meeting but has left the charge to officials, he said adding that corruption and slackness have crept into DISCOMs and GENCOs with officials running the show.

The State has no foresight and has drifted drastically in ranking while Gujarat with its limited resources has become an energy surplus State as it could plan properly, he said adding that the terms of the Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) should have a clause to sell power to the State first.


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