YSRCP Is The Only Party That Fights For Farmers

What about the water supply to Handri-Neeva?
YSRCP's MLA of Uravakonda constituency, Visweswar Reddy demanded to know from Chandrababu if the first phase of water supply would be done to Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi scheme. In the presence of Ushasri Charan, the coordinator of Kalyanadurgam, Gadapagadapaku YSR Congressprogramme happened in Kairevu of Setturu mandal. MLA Visweswar Reddy also participated in it. He slammed Chandrababu for shamelessly saying that lakes would be provided water but not for the ayacut of Handri-Neeva.

Don't we deserve irrigation water?
Vadali (Mudinepalli Rural): Certain farmers remarked that the Governments who deceived farmers would not continue for a long time and that TDP would have to pay a price soon. YSRCP's mandal president Badugu Bhaskar Rao held Gadapagadapaku YSR programme. The farmers, on this occasion, mentioned that the Government had promised to give water by the second week of June but had not done it so far. Bhaskar Rao called for chasing away the political parties that deceived farmers and stated that YSRCP was the only party to fight for them.

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