TDP Rule Has Come As A Curse To The People

Waiting for housing loans
Rajahmundry: "After my house was burnt due to electric short circuit, I built a good quality house, believing they would sanction housing loan for me but it was never sanctioned", revealed Palivela Satyanarayana to YSRCP rural coordinator Akula Veerraju. When he toured in Kadiyapulanka village as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, he spoke to complain that TDP's rule had come as a curse for the people. He criticised that deceiving people had become the main agenda of the TDP Government and opined that YS Jagan had to become the CM for all these problems to be solved.

Gidajam amidst problems
Prathipadu: In EBC colony of Gidajam, people were suffering due to numerous problems, mentioned YSRCP's constituency coordinator Parvatha Purnachandra Prasad. He toured locally as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme and learnt about people's problems. Speaking on this occasion, he ridiculed that TDP's was only a Government of speech but not of action. Remarking that crime and corruption were Chandrababu's agenda, he criticised Chandrababu for making impossible promises at the time of elections and forgetting all about them after coming to power. He assured that YS Jagan would become the next CM of the state and then all of their difficulties would be alleviated.

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