Smart Village Idea Has Doomed The Villagers

Srikakulam district: People expressed concern about having been deceived by TDP president Chandrababu at the time of elections. They remarked that not one of the promises made had been realised after TDP came to power. They are mentioning their problems to the YSRCP leaders touring as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme. The programme is receiving huge response in the district.

YSRCP state general secretary Dharmana Prasad Rao held the programme at Kanduvanipeta of Srikakulam Rural mandal. People's lands had been snatched in the name of 'smart village' but no compensation had been offered. Ration cards of those who had migrated to urban areas in search of livelihood were being cancelled, complained Cheekati Danayya, Barri Lakshmana and others. Speaking on this occasion, Dharmana revealed to the media how the villagers had been deceived in the name of smart village.

District party president Reddy Santhi and DCMS president Gondu Krishnamurthy participated in the event. Activists and leaders from Amudalavalasa, Ranasthalam mandal, Rajam panchayat, Narsannapeta mandal, Nandigama mandal, Kotthuru mandal and Icchapuram constituency actively participated in this programme, exposing TDP's deception at every doorstep.

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