Robbery Is Babu's Aim

Babu's pretense
Guntur (Ponnuru): Ponnuru constituency's coordinator, Ravi Venkata Ramana, opined that Chandrababu's Government was more interested in robbing rather than in alleviating people's problems. He held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at China Itikampadu village and inquired about local problems. Speaking on this occasion, he slammed the TDP Government for not realising any of the promises made at the time of elections in the 2.5 years of rule. He criticised that Babu had pushed aside all the welfare schemes and was pretending to get investments for the state while actually enjoying his foreign trips. He called for the people to teach Chandrababu a lesson.

Don't worry.. The next Government is ours
Prathipadu: A blind person from Valluru questioned if it was his mistake to be born blind, in light of his not receiving pension since TDP had come to power. As former MLA and YSRCP's state secretary Mekathoti Sucharitha came to conduct Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme in the village. The aged and the handicapped complained to her about not receiving pension. Sucharitha spoke on this occasion to remark that robbing people's money was Chandrababu's main aim. She assured that the next Government would be YSRCP's and that their problems would be solved then.

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