Not A Rupee Has Been Allocated For Development

YSR Kadapa: YSRCP MLA of Kadapa, Amzad Basha, commented that none of Chandrababu's campaign promises had been realised. As part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, he toured in the 27th division of Gous Nagar. He criticised TDP Government for not implementing any of the promises made like waiver of agricultural loans and DWCRA loans, a job for every household, stipend for the unemployed and houses for the poor. He remarked that the CM and other TDP leaders were earning thousands of crores of rupees through real estate business. He slammed the Government for not allocating even a rupee for development in the past 3 years.

Amzad Basha mentioned the lack of proper infrastructure in low-lying areas like Gous Nagar. Complaining that the funds sanctioned by the centre for the development of backward districts also were being diverted by the state Government, he remarked that Government officials had become puppets in the hands of ruling party leaders.
Questioning how many people had been granted pension, ration or houses, Amzad Basha asked what was the purpose of conducting Janmabhoomi programmes. He demanded to know how many applications submitted in the previous phases of Janmabhoomi had been worked on. Blaming TDP of intending to rob the state, he acclaimed YSRCP as a party working relentlessly for the welfare of people.
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