Leaders At People's Doorstep

Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress is being held very actively by the leaders and the
activists of YSRCP. Leaders went to the tiniest villages in Visakhapatnam
agency too. They greeted the Girijans and villagers in those areas. They learnt
the problems of those people by talking to them.

Karanam Dharmasree, the
coordinator of Chodavaram constituency of Visakhapatnam district, toured in
Bucchayyapeta mandal. He went from one doorstep to another in Mallam village,
handing out the brochures of YSRCP. Later, he assembled with the villagers at a
local temple. He learnt people’s problems and assured that YSRCP would try for
their alleviation through talking to the respective officers.


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