I Shall Not Vote For TDP Again In My Life

"I graduated as a bachelor. I did not find a job, neither was I given the promised unemployment stipend", exclaimed an unemployed youth.
"My name is Satthaiah. I have a debt of Rs.56,000 on 1 acre of land but not a rupee of it was waived", stated a farmer.
"I stopped paying my DWCRA debt after I learnt about Chandrababu's promise about its waiver at the time of elections but it was never waived. Next time when a TDP candidate comes asking for my vote, I will slam the doors right on his face", explained a housewife.
"I deserve my pension but I am not getting it", remarked an aged woman in agony.
At every household of Andhra Pradesh, similar narration is being heard. Not one of Chandrababu's promises has been realised. The concerned people are owing to never again vote for TDP in their lives. During the Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, YSRCP leaders are receiving such a feedback from the people of the state. The Praja Ballot being circulated among the people is seeing not even one mark for Chandrababu out of 100.

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