Confront The TDP Leaders

Srikakulam (Narasannapeta): YSRCP's state BC cell president, Dharmana Krishnadas, commented that the Government was staying negligent to people's problems. As he held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at Narasannapeta, people reported to him about their problems. They complained that the roads in their areas were not being developed and the sewage system was horrible, but there had been no response from the Government officials. Informing that they had roamed around the offices multiple times for houses and were living lives in poor quality huts.

Krishnadas, speaking on this occasion, criticised that the Government had not reformed even after three years of TDP's rule. He remarked that the Government was wasting crores of rupees but neglecting people's welfare, particularly slamming its indifference to the hardship caused to people due to demonetisation. He called for the people to confront ruling party leaders and representatives.
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