Confront The TDP Leaders

Banaganapalle Rural: YSRCP's constituency in-charge and former MLA Katasani Ramireddy remarked that Chandrababu had miserably failed in solving people's problems. He conducted Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at Sadukottam and Madasupalle villages on Wednesday. He mentioned that lift irrigation had been initiated for Daddanala project in his tenure but it had come to a halt in light of Samaikyandhra movement. He mentioned that he had gotten Rs.3.19 crore funds sanctioned at that time for perculation tank near Patapadu, but the MLA was hindering the work out of jealousy towards his family members who had earned the tender. He stated that the completion of the tank work would ensure solution of water problem in Patapadu, Sadukottam, Madasupalle and meerapuram due to increase of ground water in the area.

Patthikonda: People from Hosuru village complained that Chandrabbau's Government had not realised any of the promises made to them at the time of elections. They revealed their sad situation to YSRCP's constituency in-charge, Cherukulapadu Narayana Reddy, as he conducted Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme in their village. They reported that good quality houses had not been sanctioned to them, pension was not being granted, jobs had not been provided and stipend was not being given to the unemployed. They stated that they had been promised to build toilets but that had not happened either. Speaking on this occasion, Narayana Reddy criticised the Government for not keeping its promises. He suggested that the people should confront the TDP leaders coming to them in the name of Jana Chaitanya Yatras.

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