Atrocities of Janmabhoomi Committees

TDP's negligence to weaker sections
Rajam: MLA Kambala Jogulu criticised that Chandrababu's Government was behaving negligently towards weaker and backward sections of the society in the state. He toured in CSR Puram of Gadimudidam panchayat in Rajam mandal as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme and inquired about people's well-being. Speaking on this occasion, he slammed Janmabhoomi Committees for posing hindrance to people from being able to enjoy welfare schemes. He criticised that people were suffering due to lack of basic infrastructure.

TDP's rule with corruption as its aim
Palakonda: "There is no provision of pure drinking water. There has been no way to build devastated houses for two years. Sewage is filled in the streets. Ration is not being sanctioned. Pension is not being given". These cries are being heard at every doorstep during Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme. MLA Viswasarayi Kalavathi toured in Singannavalasa village. Speaking on this occasion, she exclaimed that the Government had failed in providing basic infrastructure to people. She criticised that TDP was working with corruption as its aim.

Living with problems
Pathapatnam (Meliyaputti): Girijans complained to YSRCP's president of Srikakulam distrioct, Reddy Santhi, that they had no provision of pure drinking water and houses had not been sanctioned to them and pension was not being given. She toured in the mandal's Nandavakotthuru, Parasurampuram, Thovuru, Nandava, Rayikola, Peddamadi colony Girijan villages. Conducting Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, she gave away copies of Praja ballot to the people and asked them to score Chandrababu's rule. Speaking on this occasion, Reddy Santhi confided that YSRCP would come to power after 2019 elections.

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