Yuvabheri At Kurnool

  • BJP and TDP’s betrayal
    to the people of AP
  • Babu mortgaged the
    status for selfish benefits
  • YS Jagan’s struggle for
    the welfare of 5 crore people of AP
  • Relentless struggle for
    the SCS
  • Kurnool: YSRCP is continuing
    its relentless struggle for special category status. It has been in the
    movement for 2.5 years, raising awareness among people about its importance and
    uncovering the deceptive ways of the Governments. The leader of opposition in
    AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan is conducting programmes like Yuvabheri to proclaim
    the importance of the status for the development of the state.

    Continuing the
    enthusiasm of Yuvabheri programmes conducted earlier at Tirupati, Visakhapatnam,
    Kakinada, Srikakulam, Nellore and Eluru, on the 25th of this month,
    Yuvabheri programme is going to be held at Kurnool, presided by YS Jagan. In
    light of this, YSRCP leaders assembled and discussed the importance of the
    status for the development of industrial and employment sectors in the state. They
    slammed TDP for going after special package instead of special category status.

    The leaders criticised
    Chandrababu for setting aside the future of the youth of the state and the
    demand for special category status, in order to selfishly fill his pockets. They
    remarked that the Government’s negligence towards the state’s development and
    the youth’s future was saddening.They also mentioned how
    dedicatedly YS Jagan had been fighting for the sanction of special category
    status since the bifurcation of the state.

    Participating in  this meeting were leaders Buggana
    Rajendranath Reddy, Nagireddy, Sai Prasad Reddy, Aijayya, Ravindranath Reddy,
    former MP Anantha Venkatrami Reddy, district president Gowru Venkat Reddy, former
    MLAs Katasani Ramireddy, Murali Krishna and others.

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