YSRCP to intensify stir on power tariff

March 30, 2013: Strongly condemning the hike in power tariff, YSR Congress has said
that the Kiran Kumar Reddy government has no moral right to continue in office
for going back on its poll promise and this round of hike will further burden
the consumer by over Rs 6,500 crores.

“We will intensify the
agitation against the harsh anti-people policies of the government and involve
people from the grass root level as the main opposition party is in no position
to question the Congress government due to mutual understanding,” party
spokesperson Bajiredy Goverdhan told reporters here on Saturday.

We will take the mantle of
challenging the government and venting the voice of the people against this
gross injustice and build up people’s movement from ground zero level, he said.

Flashing the advertisement
released by Congress party promising that it will not increase power tariff in
the next five year (up to 2014) as it did not increase the fare from 2004-09,
he said the government has lost the moral right to be in office as it has gone
back on the promise.

The increase of slabs from six
to ten is another deception as it has adjusted the slabs in a close frequency
to nett more money and the slab rates are very high in the ascending order, he

 Chandrababu Naidu, instead of
questioning Kiran Kumar Reddy government has been criticising YSR and blaming
him for the power crisis. This is only to deviate the attention and soft pedal
the ruling party as the duo is hand-in-glove with each other, he said.

With the hike and surcharges,
many industries are already closed down and nearly 25 lakh workers rendered
jobless while the agriculture, industrial and domestic sectors are bearing the

On one hand, the government is
not in a position to meet the demand and still the government has the guts to
increase the fares, he said.

Many people in the state are
of the opinion that, things would have been different had YSR been around.  We will intensify the agitation and condemn
the hike in power charges, he said.



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