YSRCP seeks immediate local body polls

Hyderabad, May 2, 2013: YSR Congress party on
Thursday demanded the Government to take immediate steps to conduct local polls
as per the 2011 census.

Addressing media persons at the party headquarters
here, YSR Congress party Political Affairs Committee coordinator Konatala
Ramakrishna said the Congress leadership should show some respect to the
1973-74 constitutional amendment and conduct the local polls immediately.

For the last two years,
the government has been postponing the polls to local bodies on some pretext or
the other and allowing them to be run under the direction of the special
officers. “Congress leaders have scant respect to the constitutional amendment
brought out by their late leader Rajiv Gandhi for conducting local body
elections on schedule. Now the 2011 census are out, Congress Government should
take steps at least now to conduct the polls as per the latest census,” he

Rama Krishna lamented
that due to the delay in the conduct of the local body polls, the state has
been suffering financially and people are unable to find solutions to their
problems as there were no responsible people’s representatives to attend to
them at the local level.

“The state has been suffering
a drastic cut in the Central funds due to the delay in the local body polls,”
he said, pointing out that the municipalities are not in a position even to
attend to sanitation and drinking water issues.

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