YSRCP is the future: YS Vijayamma

Hyderabad, March 12, 2013:
Reaffirming the party’s commitment for people’s welfare, YSR Congress Honorary
President YS Vijayamma has said the Party would emerge as a vital force to play
a key role on the national political canvas after the 2014 general elections.

“We have to rededicate
ourselves for bringing back the golden era of YSR by strengthening the party
through mass contact programmes which enables us to win over 200 assembly and
more than 30 Parliament seats,’ she said while addressing the cadre on the
second anniversary of the party here on Tuesday.

In the two years of existence,
YSR Congress Party has seen many twists and turns, receive overwhelming support
and faced severe hardships, but YS Jagan Mohan Reddy did not budge and stood
ground to fulfill his promise of bringing back the golden era of YSR, she said.

Of the two years, he was in
jail for ten months. Still he remained in the hearts of the people who have
shown their approval through a thumping mandate in Kadapa and Puivendula two
months after the party came into being and in the subsequent by-elections which
has seen the ruling Congress and main opposition losing deposits.

“Jagan has appealed to the
people to commit themselves for the people’s cause and take up their issues to
get closer to the masses. This is how the party and its structure get
strengthened and the future is ours,” she said amidst thundering applause.

We are the future and will
emerge as a formidable force. Our role in the national politics will be very
important. Though some opposition parties and vested interests have been
distorting the interview I had given to a national daily, the fact is in print
and can be verified.

“We do not support communal
parties. Depending on the situation and keeping the interest of the State we
will extend our support to any party or coalition.” This statement has been
distorted and the issue of merger is being brought to the fore, though we ruled
out any pre-poll alliance.

This propaganda is only due to
fear that the parties may be decimated in the ensuing general elections, she

Listing out the welfare
schemes of YSR, some of which were not included in the manifesto, she said in
his three decades of public life, YSR was loyal to Congress and he knew the
pulse of the people as he moved very closely to them.

“He could thus chalk out
welfare schemes that reached to the people who are in need and address their
problems. Aarogyasri, fees reimbursement, free power, paval vaddi, loan waiver
are but some of the schemes which will be remembered by people.

After his death the government
of the day has deflated all the welfare schemes and has been burdening people
through hike in power chares, bus charges, acute power cuts and the leaders are
only working to safeguard their position by numerous trips to Delhi. 

It is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who
will be bringing back the golden era in the days to come and I call upon the
cadre to join hands and work towards our goal, she said.

The main opposition TDP on the
other hand has been working hand in glove with Congress and has filed false
cases against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He was arrested undemocratically and put in
jail for the past 10 months on the grounds that he will influence the witnesses
in his capacity as president of a political party. Ten months before the arrest
also he was the president and there was no evidence of Jagan trying to
influence witnesses.  CBI is being used as a tool to settle political

Unable to fight us
politically, the parties have been targeting family members in the name of
religion or some concocted versions on Sharmila and her husband. But we have
the support of people.

After I gave a call for a one
crore signature campaign to highlight the CBI’s arrogant style of functioning,
nearly two crore people have volunteered to sign. Sharmila’s padayatra is
getting good response and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been enquiring about the
people’s issues and directing the programmes we have been undertaking.

We have the golden era of YSR
in the past, period of struggle and people’s unequivocal support is the present
situation we are in and the bringing back the golden era with more welfare
schemes like Amma vodi lies ahead of us in the future, she said.

Large number of party workers
attended the function at the Central party office.

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