YSRCP condemns attack on its leader

Hyderabad, Oct 18, 2012:
YSR Congress Party has condemned the attack on the party’s Karimnagar district
Convener Putta Madhu by the followers of Minister Sridhar Babu on Wednesday.

Party Central Governing
Council (CGC) member Baji Reddy Govardhan questioned the propriety of the
Minister in encouraging attacks on rival party leaders. “Sridhar babu’s
followers attacked Putta Madhu as they can’t win the elections and face
opponents politically. Putta Madhu went to meet the party activists but he was
attacked by the Minister’s followers and asked not to enter into the village. I
doubt whether we are living in a democratic country,” he said, condemning the

Govardhan warned that
the Minister and the Government would have to bear the responsibility if any
harm comes to Putta Madhu or he is attacked again. “We will soon meet the DGP
and lodge a complaint against the Minister,” he said.

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