YSRCP tops in social media among regional parties

March 13, 2014: Setting a new trend social media networking, YSR Congress Party has
made an impact in online networking with netizens patronizing the online
community portal and number of likes mounting with every passing day and stands
tall among the regional parties in this field.  

a short span of 10 months, the Party official facebook page has crossed the 3
lakh mark and counting which shows the popularity of YSRCP in the online
community is on the rise. YSRCP leads the table of regional political parties
in getting likes on the facebook.

online social networking team of YSRCP has met Party Honorary President YS
Vijayamma who congratulated the team for taking the Party ideals closer to the
people using facebook and other forms of online networking sites.

tremendous response to the online portal reflects the Party’s priorities and
promises and this medium should be used to extensively propagate the ideals of
YSR and at the same time contrast should be drawn to show how the welfare
schemes were watered down by the Congress government after the death of YSR,”
YS Vijayamma told the team that has called on her on YSRCP third foundation

online portal should take positive approach and highlighting the welfare
measures taken up by YSR and the promises of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has made to
bring in a welfare state.

coincidence would have it, the day, YSRCP has completed its three years of existence
on March 12, the official page (www.facebook.com/ysrcpoffical)
has crossed the 3 lakh likes, just in 10 months and byThursday morning the
likes rose to 3, 08,000 and counting.

online community portal (ocp) http://comunity.ysrcongress.com which
was started for netizens active in social media like facebook and twitter has
also been getting good response. No other political party has such a facility
to promote its activities online and it has a rich data base. The vision of YSR
and his welfare schemes, the activities of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, his dharnas,
deekshas, political thought and plans would be available in the portal.

portal also has data on the scams of N Chandrababu Naidu, excerpts from his
autobiography “Manasuloni Mata” with special focus on his opposition to welfare
schemes, story behind the stories appearing behind a section of media, good
number of books, facebook posts, and many other interesting aspects.

short take stories have been the most sought after section in the portal. Those
who become members of the community can use the data available in the portal.
Nearly 5,000 registered members have shared the info from this portal in their
facebook accounts and the sharing is multiplying constantly.

books published on N Chandrababu Naidu’s nine year rule by CPM and BJP are also
available along with cartoons. Videos are available on www.youtube.com/ysrcpcommunity which is
also in great demand.


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