YSRCP slams TDP for shoddy report

Sept 12, 2014: Describing as dull and dud the representation made by the Andhra
Pradesh Government before the 14th Finance Commission, YSR Congress
has said State interests should take a precedence over political interests and
the Chief Minister ought to be more dynamic and assertive than playing the
blame game.

Chief Minister should have been very assertive and seek more funds surpassing
the indicators of development instead of blaming the previous governments for
the bad shape of economy and the State being pushed backward. It was the
political interests that has come to the fore before the Finance Commission and
not the State interests,” Party spokesperson Tammineni Sitaram told reporters
here on Friday. 

It is not
fair on part of Chandrababu Naidu to blame the previous governments for the
State economy, instead, he should have bargained hard as he is part of the NDA
coalition and seek more funds and mount pressure putting forth the argument
that the indicators of development like literacy rate, GDP and population
control should be relaxed for the newly formed State.  

“On the
contrary, he was trying to pass the buck to the previous governments before the
Chairman of the 14th Finance Commission of India, YV Reddy. We
strongly oppose this and the Party will submit its own version to the
Commission,” he said.  

The State
should seek more funds due to the special circumstances post division, setting
aside the parameters of the Commission vis-à-vis other states. Chandrababu
Naidu opted for a political plank even while seeking funds from Centre putting
aside the state interests. He did not get a single assurance from the Centre
after assuming office.  

He should
have asked to give 50 % share of taxes collected in the State and such sops
which would put the economy on a vibrant mode. But he has one version of
converting the state in Singapore and other such mirages for public consumption
and to officials he has a different version of a economy-in-dire-straits which
shows his double standards, Sitaram said.  

will be in the forefront and take up the people’s cause and will place state
interests ahead of political interests unlike TDP,” he said.  

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