YSRCP seeks Centre’s intervention on turncoats

Hyderabad : Demanding that the Centre should intervene to stop the mockery of democracy that has been unabashedly being flaunted by Chandrababu Naidu government, YSR Congress has said that the state has been bringing disrepute to the Constitutional institutions.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, party senior leader Dharmana Prasada Rao said, ‘ the Assembly has been run in a manner that has been threatening its decorum and decency as defectors were displaced and were allowed to speak from treasury benches which goes against the business rules of the legislative assembly and its pristine spirit.

The institutions of Governor and Speaker are being mocked at with such an exercise being taken up by the State and instead of finding ways and means to bring the Opposition Party back to the House by conceding to their demands or negotiating with the Party, the state has been hoodwinking the main opposition and seems to be happy carrying out the proceedings without the Opposition Party which gives them enough space to blow their trumpet with or without reason,’ he said.

We never said that we will not attend the Assembly but had only said that action should be initiated against the defectors who have crossed over to the treasury benches and were allowed to speak from a place which does not belong to them.

Tradition and conviction has it that all members of the Assembly would be allotted a particular seat and they are supposed to speak from the seat allocated to them and should not speak from any other seat and the Speaker has to ensure that.
On an earlier occasion, when our Party MLA Kakani Governdhan Reddy tried to speak from a place which was not designated to him, the Speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao had objected to it and he was right in say so. ‘But what has been happening now. All the defectors are seated in the treasury benches and have been allowed to speak which is a mockery of democracy and this is being allowed.

This was the main reason of our protest and the decision to keep away from the House unless, the turncoats are dismissed. Our demand has been turned down and the House proceedings are being conducted as if nothing has happened.

If the Opposition is not in attendance, the government should ensure that the members come back and open a door to settle the issue but on the contrary the government has turned arrogant and has been continuing the House without the Opposition Party in attendance as it does not want to concede to the just demands put forth, he said.

While the Assembly session was held for just three days when the Opposition was pressing for people’s issues, now in the absence of Opposition the House has been running in manner of questionable clarity and conviction,’ he said.

When we have given notices for short discussions and short notice discussions earlier, they were disallowed on all the occasions but now on every day one such discussion or the other has been coming up which shows how the proceedings are being conducted.

In just 11 days and 22 Bills were passed in a hurry with hardly any meaningful discussion and the main Opposition, which is the voice of the people, was not present in the House.

Even the important Act like The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 was amended to suit their greedy needs in a unilateral manner which shows the mindset of the government.

The Act was brought into force by amending the century old Land Acquisition Act after thorough and wide ranging discussions and opinion building but Chandrababu Naidu government has amended it to the advantage of TDP leaders and entrepreneurs in the capital city formation, he said.

We demand that the Centre should intervene and stall the mockery of democracy in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly where turncoats are being allowed to function from treasury benches as such a practice, if continued, will be blot on the democratic fabric of the country, he said.
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