YSRCP rejects Cabinet decision

Oct 4, 2013: Rejecting the Central government’s decision to create a new state of
Telangana, YSR Congress Party has called for a 72 hour-bandh and demanded all
ministers and elected representatives to quit and mount pressure on the UPA to
revoke its decision and keep the state united.

“The decision of division
is a sell out by the state Congress and TDP which have brought the issue this
far and I demand that all MPs and ministers to quit immediately which results
in the UPA falling into a minority and the decision could become null and
void,” YSR Congress party president Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy told reporters
here on Wednesday.

Union Cabinet’s approval to
go ahead with the CWC decision over bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh today has
caused immense to pain me than what 16 months of my jail life did, he added.

The two MPs of our Party
have resigned and sent reminders to the Speaker and if other MPs and Ministers
from the state also quit, the matter would precipitate into a crisis which in
turn forces the Centre to reverse its decision, he said.

The Centre’s decision has
been unilateral, authoritarian and is politically motivated and there has been
no consistency in dealing with similar issues. While three states were carved
out of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and
the assembly consent was taken in the form of a resolution.

Even when the State of
Andhra Pradesh
formed there was a resolution in the Assembly but when it came to the division,
the Centre did not follow the procedure as it does not suit its political

We cannot accept this
decision and our Party will observe a 72-hour bandh and call on all those who
are for a united state to join issue.

We have written letter to
the State Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy to convene the assembly and adopt
a resolution against the division of the state to nullify the process of
division. TDP leader N Chadnrababu Naidu who gave the letter agreeing for the
division refused to withdraw it and Kiran Kumar Reddy did not heed to our
demand and the duo will remain as betrayers in the history of the state.

 While three parties,
including YSRCP, opposed the division five parties were in favour and we have
appealed to TDP and other parties to join us to keep the state united. But it
is clear that Congress and TDP have worked in tandem to pursue their own agenda
of gaining a few seats without showing any concern to the sentiments of the
people of Seemandhra, he said.

“We will also explore legal
options on the issue and we will continue our fight to keep the state united.
The division took place only for votes and seats and the main reason is
Congress has been weakening in the state.

This is gross injustice.
Even after December 9 statement of P Chidrambaram, made to please UPA
chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi on her birthday, the Centre maintained that a
resolution in the assembly is needed for the bifurcation, but the Centre has
now taken the decision to divide the state in an authoritarian manner for
political gains.

“Unless the elected
representatives quit pushing the UPA into a minority, the issue cannot be
resolved at this juncture. We demand that all leaders of Seemandhra quit en
masse and stall the process,” he said.


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