YSRCP opposes GOs on Water Users’ polls

Hyderabad, YSR Congress has said that the two GOs issued by the TDP Government on Water Users Bodies is only to fill it up with its Party cadre in the name of common consensus and Government decision will be fought tooth and nail besides  exploring legal options as well.

‘The Bill was tabled one hour before and passed in the Assembly in a hurry without giving the mandatory time for the members to study the details and now the State has come up with two GOs (528 and 548) which enables election to Water Users Bodies through common consensus and not by the original system which is blot on democratic process,’ party spokesperson Tammineni Sitaram told reporters here on Tuesday.

This is against the spirit of Panchayat Raj system and it has been challenged in the court and our Party will express solidarity against all those who oppose the GOs and the election through common consensus which is only to fill up the Water Users Bodies with party cadre as the Party had received a severe jolt in direct elections while it was in power on an earlier occasion, he said.

The GOs do not mention any timeframe which implies that the candidate elected through consensus election can stay in office for the full term of TDP government. This has set in unrest among the famers, as the list the State has is 12 year old and there are many changes in it. We oppose the election process itself and also the census which is very old, he said.Legal options are being explored as well with PILs being filed and our Party Deputy leader, Jyothula Nehru too taking up the issue. We will support any organization that opposes the GOs, he said.

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