YSRCP Follower Stabbed At Ananthapuram

Ananthapuram: TDP leaders conspired to create violence in YSRCP's 'Prajaswamya Parirakshana Sabha'. They performed pre-meditated attacks on YSRCP followers who were peacefully conducting bike rally by waiting near the municipal corporation office. Chandramohan Reddy, a party follower from Kattakindapalli of Ananthapuram Rural mandal was stabbed with a knife. He severely bled, having been hurt in the abdominal area. He was taken to the hospital by YSRCP activists where he had a surgery for his injuries.

TDP leaders and activists created a violent environment in Ananthapuram city. The police brutally assaulted the YSRCP activists who had tried to question the atrocities of the ruling party. This gave rise to criticism from all over the district.

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