YSRCP demands action plan to fight drought

Ineffective Government..!

Not bothered about dying farmers

Chandrababu is a pest to the State

Hyderabad: The YSRCP leader Vasireddy Padma said that announcing only 196 mandal’s when the entire Andhra State is badly affected by drought is a brutal act. She mentioned that never in the history the Krishna Delta was affected like this.

Cheating with Bogus count..!

She said that Prattipati Pullarao says 325 mandals, Chandrababu told that 196 mandals were affected like this they are trying to cheat the farmers with bogus reports. She warned the government that the history will not excuse if farmers were cheated. She questioned why Chandrababu is not paying attention on the drought situation when he can do a grand foundation ceremony at the cost of people money.

Announce action plan immediately

Vasireddy Padma said that Chandrababu promised that a farmer relief fund with Rs.5000 crores will be set up, he assured free electricity and assured Insurance for compensating crop loss, but what happened to all these promises, she questioned. She demanded that the Government should immediately announce the action plan and help the farmers.

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