YSRCP condemns Chandrababu’s remarks in US

Hyderabad, May 6: Condemning the manner
in which Chandrababu Naidu has been speaking ill of Andhra Pradesh on foreign
soil, YSR Congress has said that the foreign investments which came in are far
less than the tour cost of the Chief Minister.

Speaking to reporters here on
Saturday party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said: ‘ Chandrababu Naidu
telling the Governor of  California during his US tour that Andhra Pradesh
has no capital city and the division of the state was unscientific and was done
in a haste shows the manner in which he has degraded the dignity of the state
on foreign soil.

 Certainly it is unbecoming on part of
Chief Minister to speak ill about the state he is heading which is highly objectionable.
It was the same person who is now crying foul on the division of the state who
had earlier given letters in support of the bifurcation and even participated
in the reorganization process of the state.

 He has gone on foreign jaunts on numerous
occasions and boasted about investments but the visits through chartered
flights had cost the state more than what has come in as investments during the
past three years. Some people even doubt the real intentions of his frequent
visits to foreign countries as they are much higher than any chief minister of
other states.

 The two partnership summits held in
Visakhapatnam has attracted investment worth Rs 15 lakh crores was the claim of
the TDP government while in reality not a single rupee has come in, he said. It
is reported that some of the American IT companies that had signed MoUs with
Andhra Pradesh Government were raided and have shady credentials.

Lokesh has spilled the beans when he
categorically announced that his father (facing charges in the cash for vote
case) is not in a position to mount pressure on the Centre in securing Special
Category Status (SCS) and the question of differing with the Centre’s stand
does not arise.

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