YSRCP condemns Centre's divisive plans

, November 27, 2013: Condemning the adamant attitude of Central
Government in going ahead with the division process of the State, YSR Congress
has said the exercise is political in nature and brazenly undemocratic as
majority of the people of the State are opposing the bifurcation.

 “While the resolutions sent by Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra seeking
bifurcation of their states have been pending for a long time, the Congress-led
UPA government is in a hurry to divide Andhra Pradesh unilaterally without
giving a chance to the assembly to adopt a resolution though 75 % of the people
are in favour of a united state,” party senior leader Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy
told reporters here on Wednesday.

The division process has gained momentum at a time when Congress
performance is dismal in the state and is on the brink of utter defeat due to
its anti-people policies. It has whipped up regional passions and is trying to
gain sympathy from a region and win a few seats in the next elections by dividing
the state.

“We demand that the undemocratic process of bifurcation should be
stopped and the Centre should review its decision immediately as it goes
against the interests of the people” he demanded.  

 UPA is redefining democracy by its dictatorial approach without taking
assembly into confidence and racing at breakneck speed to wade through the
process of division with GoM and other Committees working hard to bring out the
draft Bill and send it to President, Mekapati remarked.

“In normal case, two months or more would be given for the assembly but
here reports say that the time would be limited to 10 to 15 days to enable the
Bill to be tabled in Parliament before December 20, the last day of the
winter session,” Mekapati stated.

Chief Minister and Union Ministers from the State are speaking in
different tones and singing different tunes and it is high time for them to
prove their sincerity and move towards stalling the division. It is not mere
statements, but they should act and show the people that they are committed for
the cause of a united State. “They did not give the actual report depicting
ground reality and were only carrying out orders of the high command and are
very submissive to
he said.

 “Our party President Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy could convincingly put
forth his contention before all national leaders the injustice that is
happening in Andhra Pradesh and the way in which Centre is misusing article 3
and dividing the state without taking assembly and public representatives into
confidence,” he said, adding that despite all the activity in Delhi, YSRCP is still
confident that it can succeed in keeping the state united as the leaders of the
national and regional parties were impressed on the injustice being done in the
division and the gross misuse of article 3.

 “NCP leader and Union Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, who is also the
chief of Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) and former BCCI president, has explained
the demand for a united state in cricketing parlance.  Pawar said there were placards displaying the
wish of the people to keep the state united during the recent one-day match
between India and West
Indies at
Mekapati remarked and added: “The message has been loud and clear and in the
open for the world to see.”

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s campaign against the Congress attitude in
dividing the state was taken well by the national leaders and his contention
that a resolution with two-third majority in the concerned assembly and both
houses of parliament is a must to divide the state has become the discussing
point for the political parties.

 “We will overcome this phase,” he said and slammed the Rayal Telangana
slogan contending that it is being floated to further create a wedge. “If local
leaders are giving their nod, they are not sure of their political standing.
They must have been carried away by false notions, but it is not in the
interest of the people,’ he said.



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