YSRCP collecting signatures

Chandrababu came to power by making impossible promises before elections, after becoming Chhief Minister he discarded all those promises. The YSRCP Student Union seriously condemns the corrupted TDP Government and attempts to collect signatures from across the State demanding to fulfill all the promises. This program was initiated to approach the Election Commission in case Chandrababu does not fulfill all those promises mentioned in Election Manifesto.

The signature collection was done throughout the State from all the Universities and well known educational institutions. The Student Union leaders collected signatures and preparing ground to approach the Election Commission.

The power thirsty Chandrababu, cheated the people by giving hundreds of promises. Not only that he failed in fulfilling promises after 18 months but also failed in resolving public issues. Including the CM, Ministers, MLA’s and all of the TDP people representatives started looting the State by corrupting every system in the Government.

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