YSRCLP demands assembly session

Hyderabad, Aug 28,2012: The YSR Congress legislature party demanded the government to convene an assembly session immediately to discuss several people's issues.

The legislature party wing, which met in the committee hall of the assembly Monday evening, adopted a resolution asking the Government to convene an assemlby session to discuss the power crisis and other nagging issues faced by the people.

The legislature party felt while some congress leaders are trying to pull the rug from under the feet of the Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy, the CM is making trips to Delhi to keep his chair.

Deputy leader of the YSRCLP told newspersons later that while the YSR regime imposed power cuts for two or three hours daily, the present Congress government is supplying power for two or threee hours a day.

The state has been facing problems on the irrigation and power fronts due to lack of planning and a clear vision, the meeting felt.

Despite having 30 MPs from the state and some ministers in the Union Cabinet, the government failed to get its share of funds and power, the YSRCLP felt.

The leaders decided to meet cheif miniser Kirankumar reddy today to demand an immediate session of the assembly.

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