YSRC leads public protests against diesel price hike


a day of strong protests against the diesel price hike, cap on subsidized
cooking gas supply and green signal for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in
multi-brand retail sector, YSR Congress stole the limelight in highlighting the
people's opposition by organizing rallies, dharnas and protest programmes
across the state today.

YSR Congress MLAs in the assemlby gave notice for an adjournment motion on the
issue demanding a thorough discussion on the diesel price hike and cap on
subsidized cooking gas supply, party leaders and activists organized rallies
and processions opposing the Centre’s anti-people’s decisions in Visakhapatnam,
Anantapuram, Tirupati, Hyderabad and at several other places.

MLAs resorted to a Dharna at gate number three of the assembly after the
adjournment of the House demanding the Centre and the state governments to
withdraw the diesel price hike immediately.

Government has ensured the adjournment of the assembly to avoid discussion on
the important public issues,” said the MLAs objecting to the way the session
has been adjourned till Friday.

police forcibly took the protesting MLAs in their jeeps and later released them
at Nampally police station.

rallies at Visakhapatnam and Anantapuram

Congress leaders and activists conducted huge rallies at Visakhapatnam,
Anantapuram and Tirupati today to highlight the public anger against the
Centre’s decision to hike diesel price and cap the subsidized cooking gas

participated in majority numbers in all the rallies holding empty gas cylinders
while others exhibited their anger by dragging four wheelers with ropes.

criticized for decision

Congress Payakarao Pet MLA Babu Rao criticized CM Kiran Kumar Reddy for
announcing that the state government would invite FDI into the state in
multi-brand retail trade following the Centre’s decision.

the media at party central office in Hyderabad, Babu Rao said the decision
would bring financial disaster to the poor. “People are against the decision
and the government must withdraw its anti people’s decisions,” he said.

said the bandh organized by the party is a huge success as people voluntarily
participated in the protest programmes.

on Sept 20, 2012)

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