YS Jagan's Open Letter To The PM Of India

  • YS Jagan exposes false publicity being done on Income Declaration Scheme
  • Clarification regarding Chandrababu's misdeeds
  • Appeal for action to be taken

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan wrote to the PM of India, Narendra Modi, demanding action against AP CM Chandrababu, who was resorting to misdeeds and false publicity. Copies of the letter have been released to the media. Here are some details of the letter.

The letter mentioned how people at various levels in AP spoke about the scheme-2016. It stated that Central Board of Taxes mentioned how the information submitted would be kept secret irrespective of region or any other way but AP CM Chandrababu, who was in NDA Government, was revealing the information. He had made statements in two occasions in spite of CBDT's explanation. Mentioning how Babu was making statements that it had been revealed somebody in Telugu-speaking states had Rs.10,000 crore of black money, YS Jagan questioned how Babu could get hold of such information. He expressed doubt that the person could be Chandrababu's benami and exclaimed how else would the CM have such credible information.

YS Jagan also mentioned in his letter that NCAER survey had placed Chandrababu in the first place in the list of corrupt leaders in India. He stated that they had published a book recently mentioning how Chandrababu had earned Rs.1.5 lakh crore in the dark in 2.5 years of time and remarked that the information contained in the book was good enough to carry out an inquiry on Chandrababu. Saying Babu was under the impression that nobody would question him or run inquiry on him, he demanded action to be taken against him for buying MLAs with corrupt money, being caught red-handed at the time of Telangana MLC elections and earning crores of rupees through corruption but still continuing in the CM's chair.

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