YS Jagan's anecdote about Chandrababu draws huge laughter

YS Jagan’s speeches these days are peppered with wit and sarcasm. YS Jagan’s criticism of Chandrababu Naidu is as acerbic as it is peppy. Speaking during the padayatra the other day, he recounted a comment some supporter has given him.
He said he was surprised by what Chandrababu said at Vizianagaram.  He said that he does not own a watch nor a ring. Then YS Jagan read out a story sent by a fan. The fan said Chandrababu doesn’t have a ring, but has Rs 4 lakh crore with him. He owns a huge mansion, runs Heritage company that is worth several thousands of crores. 
He doesn’t know anything about its shares, but knows that their value has gone up before demonetization and he sold them to the Future Group. He pulls out black money hidden in the chest and uses it to buy MLAs in Telangana. But, Chandrababu gets caught during the wheeling-dealing. He claims he doesn’t have money, but buys out MLAs from the Opposition. He doesn’t drink, but ensures that there is a belt shop besides a temple or school. He doesn’t drink, but he teaches even children to drink. He doesn’t misbehave with women, but keeps quiet when minors and women are molested and raped. He is courageous , but is afraid of facing corruption cases. He gets stays on the cases. He mortgages state’s interest to bail himself out of cases.
He talks of special status, but does not ask his MPs to resign on that issue. He forgets to implement loan waiver, Dwacra waiver, fee reimbursements. He never fulfills that promises made. He talks about honesty and integrity, but teaches his ministers and MLAs on how to loot public money. He speaks platitudes, but takes kickbacks in sand, soil, cotton, power, fibre net and contract dealings.
 Now we know he is involved in Air Asia scam. He claims he has 40 years experience and claims to have invented cell phone, computer and all other things. But, he fails to teach his son about hardware and software. Babu speaks platitudes, but acts differently in real life. Now it turns out that he is involved in Air Asia scam too. There were lusty cheers as YS Jagan read out this.
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