YS Jagan Team Meets D.Raja

New Delhi: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan has been relentlessly fighting for the sanction of special category status to AP since two years, in the interest of benefit of the people of the state.He is meeting leaders form all parties and coordinating with them in the direction of achieving the status for the state. BJP and TDP, after all their promises, have deceived 5 crore people of the state, in light of which, YSRCP has ow consolidated its struggle further. An action plan is getting ready for that.
As part of it, YS Jagan followed by the MPs of YSR Congress Party, met the President of India, Pranab Mukherji last evening to discuss with him the importance of special category status for the state and submit a memorandum. This morning, they met CPI senior leader D.Raja. Later YS Jagan spome to the media and mentioned that the need for special status had grown even more after the GST bill had been passed. Before the bill was passed, sales tax used to be under the control of the state but now it had gone into the hands of the centre. As the centre would offer exemption in GST to only those states enjoying special category status, AP now needed it more than ever, he exclaimed.
YS Jagan indicated that it was not fair for Arun Jaitley to say that the state had been given a package of Rs.1,65,000 crore, as the funds allocated to the state in general could not be termed as special package. He opined that the centre had not given anything to the state ultimately. He called for united fight for the cause. He commented that those who compromised in the subject of special status would be left with no place in the history of the state. YS Jagan confided that YSRCP would fight for special category status just as the whole country had fought for freedom, in reply to a question raised by the media.
D.Raja spoke to the media on this occasion and called for united fight for special status. He suggested that it was not fair for BJP Government to ignore the promises made by former PM Manmohan Singh. He stated that the Government needed to have one stand irrespective of the ruling parties changing. He condemned the Government for not keeping the promise made to AP at the time of bifurcation. He also commented that it was not justified for Venkaiah Naidu to recommend 10 years of special category status to the state and now to shift gears. He promised to discuss this issue with the other left parties.
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