YS Jagan discharged from hospital

A day after the dastardly murderous attack on the AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in full public view at the Visakhapatnam airport, the people's leader was discharged from the hospital a few minutes ago.

It may be recalled that YS Jagan was attacked by Srinivas Rao, a waiter at the airport lounge cafeteria. The attacker attempted to stab YS Jagan with a sharp knife. The YSRCP chief turned around just in time to escape a major attack while he suffered injury on his left shoulder. He was soon administered first aid after which he left to Hyderabad.

The YSRCP chief was rushed to the Citi Neuro Hospital in Banjara Hills as soon as he landed in Hyderabad. Doctors conducted a battery of tests and also sitched the wounds while advising a day's rest.

A few minutes ago, YS Jagan was discharged from the hospital. Scores of YSRCP workers, leaders, supporters and the general masses thronged the hospital to get a glimpse of the YSRCP chief. Jai Jagan slogans rent the air as the security personnel found it hard to control the crowd. YS Jagan then managed to get into his vehicle which later proceeded to his residence at Lotus Pond.

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