You are responsible for everything

The young Leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi has suddenly remembered his
affection towards the people of Andhra Pradesh. So, he wanted to start
his trip towards Anantapur district and searching ways and means. The
sin of dividing the State into two in a haphazard manner goes to
Congress party. The first party to initiate the division of State is the
Telugu Desam Party by writing number of letters by them. He will remind
the same to the people in Telangana whenever he visit the State. Visit
of Rahul in Andhra Pradesh is not appreciated by the people and protest
his visit, as the Congress party is mainly responsible for this
haphazard division of State.

credit of torturing the family members of the great Leader, Rajashekhar
Reddy, goes to Congress party and the Gandhi’s who are leading the
Party. The deeds of Congress party in troubling the family members by
pushing false cases on them and the torture on them is never forgotten
by the well wishers and party members. The evil deeds of Congress party
have gone to so extent in the past, that there was a charge sheet issued
on the name of the great leader YS RajaShekhar Reddy. But, now they
want to show off that they are innocent and visit the State to get close
to the Telugu people.

issue of diverting the traditional vote bank of congress towards the
TDP is well known for everyone. Before elections, the support given by
TDP to Kiran Kumar is unlimited. The two parties mutually supported each
other by their evil politics and supported Chandrababu to come into

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