Yellow Vultures In Capital Area

  • Government depriving
    the poor of food
  • Yellow brothers’
    robbery under Babu’s leadership
  • CRDA and revenue
    officials unite with the yellow leaders
  • Lands collected from
    farmers robbed
  • Registrations with
    manipulated market values
  • Fury among people
    towards the Government of scams

In the backdrop of
accusations on TDP leaders about doing real estate business with the lands
collected from farmers of the capital city area, another scam came to light. The accusations made by the opposition came
true. TDP leaders started sharing among themselves the lands grabbed from
farmers by hook or crook. CRDA and revenue officials also got together with TDP
leaders and plotted to swallow the farmers’ lands. They are shamelessly robbing
the farmers and pulling them onto the streets.

Revenue and CRDA officials unite

Under the mask of
capital city construction, revenue and CRDA officials joined hands with TDP
leaders to swallow farmers’ lands. Certain TDP activists are expressing concern
about being deceived and losing lands. They are complaining that the lands they
gave away for the sake of the capital city are being cut into pieces and being registered
under different names. A total of 2,523 acres of land was collected from farmers
in Ananthavaram area where secretariat is being built. The officials lay their
eyes on these lands. They projected these lands as being of less value or less
area than actuality and registered them to the people of their choice.

For example, 2 acres
28 cents of land were acquired from Vijayakumari in Ananthavaram village. She
also has the pass book related to that land. Although CRDA records mentioned
that there was 2.28-acre land, fake records were created saying there was only
2.24-acre land and signature was taken. The rest of the land was registered
under somebody else’s name. Incidents like this are happening in huge number in
the capital area.

Everything happening
under CM’s supervision

While the state
Government, under the leadership of Chandrababu, was snatching lands from
farmers and giving away to others, ruling party followers started swallowing
the lands of the poor and certain Government lands. Land mafia is high on in many
villages in Amaravathi area with the support of TDP leaders. Despite frequent reports
about land-related crimes and misdeeds, the state Government is staying
indifferent to it, explaining that Chandrababu and his coterie were behind them.

Newspapers published
about conspiracies being plotted to rob Government land in the capital area of
value Rs.10 crore. It is impossible that officials are unaware of the attempts made
by certain private persons to add 6.24 acres of land registered as Government
property in village adangal in pooling. It is highly unlikely that CM
Chandrababu, who boasts that whatever happens in the state will appear on his dashboard,
is unaware of this. Occupiers decided to occupy 300 acres of lanka areas in
Uddandarayanipalem of the capital area, planted coconut plants in the area
overnight and put Daberman dogs as security. The Dalits who went on to question
the occupation of the lands granted to them by the Government were verbally
abused and threatened. How can they brazenly and publicly do such misdeeds
without political support? The extent of crime can be understood from the fact
that occupation is mostly happening in the area where Chandrababu is the CRDA

This is a rule of

Not an acre of land
has been given away to the poor since the day TDP came to power. But thousands
of acres of land has been snatched from farmers and given away to private
investors. 33,000 acres have been gathered from farmers in the name of the
capital city. Not all farmers gave their lands voluntarily. Many were harassed.
Everybody who gave lands were deceived. Farmers revolting the deception yielded
no fruit. Lands that were not given away voluntarily were crushed and pulled
down by bull dozers. Supply of electricity was cut off. Not only in the capital
area, lands are being pulled by force in many areas of the state. People
showing resistance are facing false cases and arrests. Thus is the atrocious
rule going on in the state.

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