Yellow Party Robbing AP

  • They are exploiting historically
    prominent Palnadu
  • Robbery everywhere in the state
  • Babu and Co. are robbing the whole state
  • Future is YSRCP's
  • Let us make YS Jagan our CM and achieve YSR's rule
  • YSRCP leaders speak at Narasaraopet public meeting
  • Guntur: Reddy College grounds at Narasaraopet
    echoed with people who gathered and raised slogans in acclaim of YSRCP, YSR and
    YS Jagan. A huge number of leaders, activists and followers of the party reached
    the venue. YSRCP leaders addressed the gathering and slammed the Government.

    Exploitation of Palnadu
    going on: Ambati Rambabu, YSRCP’s official spokesman

    After TDP came to power,
    a historically-prominent Palnadu has been made synonymous to corruption and
    robbery. Kodela came to Sattenapalli, unable to stand the heat of election in
    Narasaraopet. Then he started leading others in robbing the area. Leaders with
    no real support from people started carrying on their misdeeds with help from
    the police. They are collecting money from the contractors of railway line
    installation between Nadikudi an Kalahasti. Revenue department reached a point
    where they would have to meet Lokesh for mining permissions. Kodela’s son has
    threatened certain people in order to get currency notes of worth Rs.1.5 crore
    exchanged. YSRCP will form Government after 2.5 years. Everything will be
    sorted out then.


    They came to steal:
    Marri Rajasekhar, district party president

    TDP leaders are stealing
    at their will, with the support of the police. They whitened their black money
    beforehand, to escape the blow of demonetization. Minister Prathipati Pullarao is
    troubling farmers by buying cotton in huge quantities for higher cost. Another
    leader is collecting change from the RTC and handing over old currency notes in
    return. Yet another leader is exploiting the police for currency exchange. They
    are talking of ethics, while themselves doing misdeeds. They are showing
    favouritism while sanctioning pension and houses. YSR showed how governance
    should be done. He remained as an ideal CM in the history. He impartially
    benefited everybody through his welfare schemes. Babu, on the other hand, has
    not gotten even one house built after coming to power.


    Let us make YS Jagan our
    CM: MLA Kona Raghupathi

    Chandrababu’s tyrannical
    rule will no longer be tolerated. Let us make YS Jagan the CM of our state. Let
    us prove the power of the youth icon to TDP. We have five MLAs in our district.
    None of us will be enticed by TDP’s money. We will take the party forward under
    the leadership of YS Jagan, as it is the party born from YSR’s ideals. No
    promise has been kept after TDP came to power. Babu keeps bpasting as if he has
    invented the cell phone and the computer. They promised there would be jobs if
    Babu came to power. The hope for special category status also is being watered
    down, due to Babu’s selfishness.


    Good governance possible
    only through YS Jagan: Meruga Nagarjuna, SC cell president

    Kasu Mahesh
    Reddy's joining in YSRCP is a great happening. TDP Government is
    slaughtering all the welfare schemes initiated under YSR’s tenure. Chandrababu
    is not implementing any of the campaign promises he made. Chandrababu, his son,
    his ministers and his MLAs are earning crores of rupees by selling sand. They
    are using the police to mask their demonic rule. If YS Jagan becomes the CM,
    all the welfare schemes introduced by YSR will be implemented properly. Every
    person in the state is ready to walk with YS Jagan, disgusted by the corrupt
    and the atrocious ways of the TDP Government. He is the only leader who is
    committed to the welfare of people. He is sure to form the Government soon and
    perform good governance.


    Muslims were benefited
    under YSR's rule: MLA Mustafa

    Under CM Dr. YS
    Rajasekhar Reddy’s rule, minorities were benefited. He offered 4% reservation
    to minorities. After his demise, Muslims’ welfare was neglected. Chandrababu is
    doing injustice to the community. Let us all stand together and bring YSR’s
    rule back by giving victory to YS Jagan. There will not be any Janmabhoomi
    Committees in the future. We need not fear TDP. Let us work for the victory of

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