Yellow party interrupts the Assembly

YS Jagan expresses people's tone for special status

The ruling party is creating obstacles for smooth running at every step of the assembly meetings. It created din on the second day Assembly session. The leader of opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan, demanded  that special status should be discussed first keeping aside all the other issues. However, the Speaker took up the Question Hour. YS Jagan demanded that after the discussion on the Special status, then the rest should be discussed. The issue of special status to the State is disturbing the state and in terms of its intensity, the government has to discuss on it, demanded Jagan.

YS Jagan accused that in the five-day session, already the ruling party has wasted one day time. He mentioned that the ruling party is planning for a conspiracy to avoid the talk on special status till the end. After the statement of the CM, there should be a debate on the special status, demanded Jagan.  Chandrababu Naidu gave a speech of half an hour in yesterdays house session and the assembly was closed, further the speech made by Babu and the statements in the original records are no way matching, said Jagan.

The Government is no way supporting the YSRCP in the assembly, which stood on behalf of people and presenting the voice of people of the State.  The government is expected to abide by the rules which itself is behaving against it. They are insulting the opposition members by making comments and are behaving against the House rules. The YSR Congress party is fighting for the Special status and is on the front line to achieve it since long. The party proclaimed about the importance of special status during the protests conducted in several areas including the State Capital and the Country capital. It made the people unite by calling for State Bandh. Once again, it stood in front to fight in the Assembly for the Special status. However, the government itself is creating interruptions for the proceedings. 
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