Won’t You Allow Us to Express Our Concern?

  • The Government suppresses the voice of the opposition in the assembly
  • No chance to express their agitation
  • People’s leader YS Jagan protests
  • Hyderabad: The Government has been attempting to suppress the voice of the opposition in AP Legislative Assembly. It hindered YSRCP from walking out during the question hour and protesting against the Government’s lies. Leader of opposition YS Jagan questioned this behaviour of the Government and the members of YSRCP showed their protest by sitting down on the floor.

    Minister Raghunath Reddy responded to the questions about the welfare of minorities posed by YSRCP members including Amzad Basha during the question hour of the assembly. YSRCP tried to walk out of the assembly after it exposed the lies in his response. But microphone was not given to YSRCP and the topic went to the next question. The speaker cited technical issues and declared that a topic could not be restarted once the discussion on the next question started. To this YSRCP raised objection.

     Leader of opposition YS Jagan brought to the notice of the house that their attempts to get chance to talk by attracting attention of the speaker through raising their hands or voice were being ignored. He posed a straight question if they would not be given chance to express their concern. He explained that the opposition had the duty of expressing the people’s voice and that was what they were trying to do. He complained that the Government was lying about minorities and if the opposition did not stop them, the same would reach the people. YS Jagan appealed to speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao to promise to allow their voice to be heard. TDP leaders tried to sidetrack even this issue.

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